May 8th

12:00 PM - Miami Time (GMT-4)
5:00 PM - London Time (GMT+1)
8:00 PM - Dubai Time (GMT+4)
Visa to Citizenship: The pathway to U.S. citizen through Green Card
Stanislav Shamayev
Founder and leading business immigration and corporate attorney at Shamayev Business Law Corp.
Gift at the end of the webinar - checklist for obtaining a US talent visa
years of experience
Webinar agenda
Talanted visa categories overview: exploring options for professionals
Employer's role: impact of sponsorship on Green Card acquisition
Tips for demonstrating your skills to the USCIS *
Document preparation steps: key stages of applying for a Green Card
Q&A session with experienced attorney: ask your burning questions
For Whom
• Specialists with exceptional abilities or achievements in their field

• Scientists, technologists, engineers, mathematicians (STEM professions), PhD holders, or Master's students or graduates eager to make a significant mark in their field

• Professionals with publications or potential patents, showcasing research excellence

• Those who have innovative ideas for remarkable start-ups that could revolutionize the industry
12:00 PM - Miami Time (GMT-4)
5:00 PM - London Time (GMT+1)
8:00 PM - Dubai Time (GMT+4)
What time?
• You'll gain a full understanding of your immigration strategy
• The entire immigration process will be explained in a simple way
• You can directly ask the attorney any question
Why is this event unique in the immigration field?
Founder of Shamayev Business Law Corp., one of the largest immigration companies in Miami specializing in U.S. talent, business and investor visas

2500+ approved cases

Member of the Florida Bar's Business Law Section, Appellate Courts in the state of Florida, and the Eleventh Federal Circuit

Specializes in business and investment visa projects with investment amounts from $50K to $50M

Has a license in immigration law in all 50 states of the USA and the District of Columbia, as well as in corporate law in the state of Florida

Possesses unique expertise in providing legal support for businesses in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
Founder and leading business immigration and corporate attorney at Shamayev Business Law Corp.
Stanislav Shamayev
Get unique knowledge from a licensed attorney
Guide on How to avoid scammers when seeking immigration legal service
Free custom-tailored analysis of your case
The webinar was like a lightbulb moment for me!
Stanislav's expertise and experience shone through in his presentation, and I felt like he was speaking directly to me and my unique situation.

- Alex B., Canada
It was a breath of fresh air in the often-stuffy world of immigration law.
I left the webinar feeling motivated and excited to tackle my own talent immigration.

- Mariam P., UK
Explaining complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand!
He covered everything from visa types to legal considerations to practical tips for success.

- Iona K., Singapore
Get a unique checklist about immigration to the U.S. through the talent visas at the end of the webinar

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