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Stanislav Shamayev - founder and principal licensed business immigration attorney of the American legal corporation Shamayev Business Law, licensed in immigration law in 50 states of the USA and the District of Columbia, and in corporate law in the state of Florida.
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Shamayev Business Law Corporation
One of the largest legal corporations in the USA. We assist businessmen, investors, and talents from all over the world in immigrating to the USA through starting businesses, investing in business projects, or showcasing their talents.

90% approval rate for cases
More than 2500 cases handled, including talent visas, business visas, and other services
10 years of experience in American jurisprudence.
Get a free evaluation of your visa situation within 48 hours!
Stanislav Shamaev will conduct a detailed analysis of your situation, taking into account various visa criteria, and provide an initial assessment of the case
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Stanislav Shamaev specializes in providing assistance with obtaining various types of visas
  • 1
    Talent visas EB-1A, O-1, and EB-2NIW
    These visas are designed for outstanding professionals, art experts, athletes, scientists, and individuals with exceptional abilities or those who serve national interest. They are suitable for those who demonstrate outstanding achievements in their field and possess special qualifications.
  • 2
    Business visas L-1, E-2, and EB-1C
    The USA offers various visas for different categories of foreign workers, investors, and skilled managers who wish to temporarily or permanently work, conduct business, or invest in the USA, respectively.
  • 3
    EB-5 investor visa
    The investor visa is intended for foreign investors who wish to invest significant capital in new enterprises or projects that contribute to job creation in the USA. It is suitable for those who plan to obtain permanent residency in the USA through investments.

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